Today’s energy marketplace is more fast-paced and diverse than ever before. In this environment, companies are driven to explore new avenues of innovation and ways to stay ahead of their competition. That’s why at ON POINTE, our business is looking for innovative ways to help our customers succeed—whatever it takes.

We use a relationship-based approach to serving our clients that is only matched by an uncompromising commitment for what we do.

Our goal is not just to deliver the best in engineering design solutions but to take our passion to a whole new level of job performance —one step beyond the expected.

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Serving Clients Should Come First

Let’s face it—in today’s world of big business, customers yearn for personal attention. That goes double for companies who need competent engineering solutions for their project’s needs.

Customer service is always a concern, but it entails more than just being available by phone to answer questions. Make sure the firm you choose provides routine updates for your project and can sit down with you at a moment’s notice to go over any substantial matters.

Yes, you’re paying for their advice, but you’re also paying for their attention to your needs and a genuine desire to help you succeed.

Make their enthusiasm be a guide for your selection, but above all, observe how they effectively communicate their vision for your project—your goals over theirs.

At ON POINTE, our success begins and ends with providing the best in customer care to you, our client, and treating you as our top priority. A relationship-based approach will continue to drive our mission forward.

Contact us today and give us the opportunity to exceed your expectations. Our aim is to be your trusted name in the industry by setting ourselves apart through our commitment to quality and service.

Looking for Expertise in an Engineering Firm?

There are many firms that provide engineering services, but the question is... can they provide the kind of expertise you need for your specialized industry?

You have to know the firm you choose has the knowledge base for any specific features your project will require. You need to have a company that embraces technology and can offer you the kind of experience that comes from a multi-disciplined background.

At ON POINTE, our company has a passion for meeting today’s challenges in the marketplace with a keen eye on innovation. We are committed to providing our clients a legacy of excellence, plus, the kind of quality that we’re known for industry-wide.

When needing engineering expertise…Look no further than ON POINTE.

ON POINTE to Showcase Success at ILTA Tradeshow

ON POINTE, a Tulsa-based petroleum engineering firm, today announced it will be participating at ILTA’s 32ND Annual Conference and Tradeshow May 21-23. The firm will host a booth and deliver an innovative video presentation, showcasing its successful growth and legacy in the oil and gas engineering industry.

“This year’s show should be great,” said Tony Henshaw, ON POINTE owner and founder.  “We love presenting our design work and expertise in liquid terminal projects and other energy processing needs.  We also want to convey our true passion for excellence that I believe is contagious and can’t help but shine through!”

Founded in 2001, ON POINTE has grown from a small startup business in Tulsa to an expanding engineering firm in Bixby that now employs over 55 people. The company specializes in the engineering and design of bulk liquid storage terminals with an emphasis on solving today’s energy processing challenges.

“This is a great opportunity for ON POINTE to make connections and really spotlight our great company and passion for what we do,” said ON POINTE president, Jason Klintworth. “I’m really looking forward to it and know we’ll make a big impression.”

The ILTA trade show provides attendees with an opportunity to learn about new products, services, and solutions that terminals need to stay competitive. This year's program includes more than 30 featured speakers, 32 informative sessions, and four workshops covering a variety of topics such as increasing operational effectiveness, managing business issues, and improving safety and environmental performance.

About ILTA
ILTA represents 81 companies and partnerships that operate bulk liquid storage terminals in 47 countries.  These facilities are located in ports and along rivers, canals and pipelines.  They serve the vital economic purpose of transferring liquid products from one transportation mode to another.  Products handled by their members include crude oil, petroleum products and a wide variety of chemicals, as well as ethanol, biodiesel, vegetable oils, molasses and fertilizers.

ON POINTE is an oil and gas terminal engineering firm focused on providing  engineering, consulting, design, and drafting services to the petroleum and petrochemical industries. ON POINTE’s “Team Concept” works to solve today’s energy processing challenges within budget while providing the very best in professional engineering and design service.

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